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Seattle Tree Removal Company

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Our Tree Service Pros Remove Trees Quickly & Safely

When you need tree removal services in Seattle, call on our tree services experts! Though our Seattle, WA tree company lovingly cares for trees, tree removal is an integral part of keeping our community healthy and safe. When the time comes for our tree experts to remove trees, we provide professional tree removal services at Seattle’s most competitive rates. Our tree removals are performed quickly, safely, and professionally. You’ll never have to worry about property damage caused by carelessness or lack of experience, nor will you ever have reason to be displeased with your tree removal results. We do everything possible to make sure our tree service clients are 100% satisfied, no matter what.

How Our Seattle Tree Removal Process Works

Our Seattle experts handle the details of each tree removal differently, but in general, our tree removal process follows these simple steps:

  • Site Review and Consultation: Before we begin work, our tree experts will make a careful evaluation of your tree. We’ll determine its level of decay, examine the terrain it’s placed in, and make notes of any other removal factors. We’ll then report our findings to you and make suggestions on how to proceed. Once we’ve all agreed on a game plan, our tree service experts will get to work.
  • Clearing of Debris and Decay: Our experts will carefully remove all tree debris and unstable limbs before performing the primary tree removal. This ensures that your commercial or residential property won’t be damaged by falling debris.
  • Tree Removal and Stump Grinding: Once your tree is sufficiently cleared, our tree service experts will begin the removal process. We’ll finish by removing your tree stump and, if you like, grinding it into nutrient rich mulch.
  • Hauling and Landscape Restoration: Our tree service experts won’t just remove your trees and leave you with a pile of trash! We’ll haul away any tree removal debris, and do so in strict accordance to Seattle area legislation. If you like, we’ll also be glad offer you any of our landscape restoration services. We can also plant replacement trees or shrubs!

Our Seattle experts perform all these services, and more, to the highest professional standards. We’re Seattle’s top tree service, and we know you’ll be as thrilled with our great results and competitive prices!

Contact Our Seattle Office for a Free Tree Removal Estimate!

Our tree service experts are always happy to provide free estimates on tree removals, as well as any other tree service! Just contact our Seattle office, explain your situation, and we’ll start constructing a personalized estimate right away. Our tree services represent one of the best financial values in Washington, and we always work with our client’s budgets! Our estimates are fast, free, and accurate, so why not get yours today?

Remember: We also offer 24-Hr emergency tree removal services, so if you need tree removal help fast, contact us at any time! You can reach us at, or by calling (206) 219-6634. We offer emergency tree services throughout greater Seattle, including in Bellevue, King County, Lynnwood, and Shoreline.


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