Tree Planting Services in Seattle

Tree Planting Services in Seattle

Seattle, WA’s Best Tree Planting Service

Trees Planted By Our Seattle Experts Are Sure To Thrive!

Our Seattle tree service experts have years of experience planting trees around Seattle. We know all the best ways to evaluate drainage requirements, analyze soil properties, determine species tolerance, and work with challenging Washington terrains. We use all these skills, and more, to make sure your trees are planted to last. Here are just a few of the many common problems you avoid by having your trees planted by our experts:

  • Stunted Growth: If trees are planted without careful consideration to their species’ unique requirements, stunted growth and wasting can be the unfortunate result. Our tree service experts will only plant your trees and shrubs where they’re sure to thrive. We can even help replant your stunted trees in a more appropriate place, as well as provide nutrient rich mulch to encourage growth.
  • Overgrowth: If your trees were planted without proper consideration being given to their natural tendencies or nearby obstructions, you can easily wind up with overgrowth on your hands. Overgrowth can mean inconveniences ranging from shrubs taking over your walkway, to trees running into power lines. If trees are planted correctly, there’s no reason for either of these occurrences to happen. When our Seattle experts plant your trees or shrubs, we’ll do so while carefully taking into account your tree’s allotted space, projected growth, and any local obstructions.
  • Infestation: There are a number of dangerous tree diseases and infestations out there, many of which gravitate to certain kinds of trees. If you have amateurs plant your tree, you risk unwittingly planting a species that’s prone to local diseases. Our tree service experts know which species are robust enough to thrive in Seattle, and which should be avoided. We’ll help you select and plant trees that will grow happily in Washington, not succumb to illness.

Contact Our Seattle Office for a Tree Planting Estimate & Consult!

If you’re thinking about planting trees, but aren’t sure what kind to get or how to begin, contact our tree service experts! We’ll be happy to provide you with expert tree planting advice and arrange a consultation. If you like, we’ll also be glad to provide you with a free tree and shrub planting estimate. We have some of the best tree planting services in Seattle, and offer some of the city’s most competitive prices! Having trees planted by our Seattle experts is an investment, and one that’s sure to pay off! While other trees and shrubs struggle or require extensive maintenance, your expertly planted trees will thrive!

Our tree service experts plant trees throughout Seattle, including commercial and residential properties in Bellevue, King County, Lynnwood, and Shoreline. You can reach our Seattle office by e-mailing, or by calling us at (206) 219-6634!


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