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Have Your Trees Been Damaged By Amateur Trimmings?

Trees are living creatures, and when we cut or trim them, it has an impact on their health. In the hands of an expert, this impact is a beneficial one. Trees trimmed by professionals have increased stability, retain their natural shape, and enjoy improved resistance to disease. But unfortunately, trees pruned by amateurs don’t always fare as well. Amateur tree trimmings can, and often do result in stub cuts, misalignment, sucker and water sprouts, dead wood, and canopy destruction. Left uncorrected, these miserable results can easily result in premature tree death, weakened storm resistance, and the spread of tree disease. Our Seattle experts’ restorative pruning services will help correct this damage, and provide your trees with their best chance at returning to a healthy, normal lifespan.

What Do Our Restorative Tree Prunings Accomplish?

Our restorative tree prunings have several goals, all of them important to improving your trees’ overall health. Here are a few of the many tasks our experts will perform during restorative tree prunings:

  • Canopy Restoration: Our tree service pros will work to restore your canopy to health. Depending on the level of damage, we’ll perform the restoration in one session or over multiple sessions; giving your tree a chance to regrow after each pruning. We’ll promote the formation of healing woundwood, correct balance issues, and more.
  • Disease Inspection: Because trees weakened by bad trimmings are likely to contract disease, or fall victim to fungi and insect infestations, we’ll provide a complete health inspection. If we notice any areas of concern, we’ll either remove the area of decay or recommend a treatment strategy, like a targeted tree spraying.
  • Debris Removal: Trees trimmed by amateurs often don’t have their debris cleared during the pruning process, and damaged limbs can also turn into deadwood. Our tree service experts will remove deadwood, clear debris, and haul any tree refuse away from your property.

For most trees, unless they’ve been severely damaged, our restorative tree prunings are known to work wonders. And in the rare circumstances that trees are too hurt for our experts to save, we’ll tell you so honestly and arrange a tree removal. We’ll also be glad to help you restore your landscape by planting new trees and providing expert tree trimmings to your remaining arbors.

Free Restorative Tree Pruning & Trimming Estimates

If amateur tree trimmings have damaged your trees, it’s time to contact our restorative pruning experts. We’ll examine your trees, provide you with an expert service plan, and give you a free estimate. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as provide any other forms of tree maintenance. Our tree pruning experts are some of the best in Washington, and if anyone can restore your trees to health, it’s us!

Our tree service professionals regularly provide restorative pruning services to Settle, Bellevue, King County, Lynnwood, and Shoreline. You can contact our Seattle office at any time by e-mailing, or calling us at (206) 219-6634.


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